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Universal expansion joints is made up of 2 elements of bellows joined together by a common spool piece so it is also called as Double Bellows Expansion Joint or Universal Bellows.

A Universal Expansion Joint is generally used where more lateral movement is to be absorbed which is beyond the capacity of a single Axial Expansion Joint and when there is a limitation on the amount of lateral forces allowed by the connecting pipe system Universal expansion joints can take deflection in lateral, axial or angular movements.

Expansion joints are simply an assembly of bellows with other components to form a product that can contain movements caused by stress, thermal stress, and other seismic activities. They can be classified into multiple types based on their design, functions, and so on. Some of the common types are axial, lateral, hinged, gimbal, universal, elbow pressure balanced expansion joints and so on. Universal expansion joints are one of the most important and most used types of expansion joints.

The reason behind the widespread usage of universal expansion joints is that unlike a lot of the other types, these can contain movements in all 3 directions namely lateral, axial, and angular. Also known as a double bellow expansion joints, these are made with 2 bellows that are connected by a spool or pipe section. Another major advantage of using this over others is that large amounts of lateral deflection can be absorbed with this. If the capacity has to be increased, this can be done by increasing the length of the pipe section connecting the 2 bellows. In certain cases, tier rods may be attached to limit the axial expansion. If 2 tie rods are used, it can take in good lateral and angular expansion. By using more than 2, you can make the expansion joints to contain only lateral expansion.

  • Vibration and oscillation absorptio
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact and light
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Eliminated pressure thrusts
  • Advantages :

  • Vibration isolation
  • Wide temperature ranges
  • Low maintenance
  • Better performance than other expansion joints
  • Absorbs large degrees of lateral movement.
  • Applications :

    Due to its ability to absorb movements in all directions, there are mainly used in low-pressure environments such as ventilation ducts, exhaust gas systems, fresh air ventilation equipment, etc.

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