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Pressure Switch Bellows Manufacturers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Pressure Switch Bellows, Diesel Generator Bellows and Our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Pressure switch bellows are designed to make electrical contact when a set pressure is reached. These switches can be designed to close or open on the pressure rising or falling. Many industries including automotive and diesel use these types of switches to maintain optimum system operation.

Diesel Generator Bellows:

We have capability to manufacture bellows for various diesel engines used in DG sets

Liquid filled temperature switches include a probe and a bellows element. The lamp is immersed in the process whose temperature is regulated. The bellows element detects the fluid pressure (liquid or gas) as the temperature rises in the process. The liquid in the sensor bulb responds to temperature fluctuations and increases the pressure in the bellows element as the temperature rises. An increase in the sensor bulb temperature compresses the bellows and moves the main spindle upward until the spring force and the bellows pressure are in equilibrium. This movement of the spindle is transmitted to the switch and causes depending on the setpoint of the temperature switch on or off operation.

Pressure Switch Bellows Manufacturer In India.

Diesel Generator Bellows Manufacturer In India.

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