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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Metallic / Metal Expansion Joints and Our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Kwality Products is one of the top manufacturers of Metal Expansion Joints in India. We are the experts of Flexible Piping Systems. To provide the best quality pipe expansion joints, we have implemented the ISO-9001 certified design, manufacturing, and testing facility equipped with the latest technology and our metal expansion joints are designed strictly according to EJMA 2009 design guidelines.

We offer a broad range of flexible metal bellow expansion joints to cater significant share of industries with a wide variety of applications. Pliant Bellows believe that our strong faith in client feedback coupled with our relentless commitment towards the highest possible product quality standards makes our metallic bellows expansion joints such a success.

Behind this achievement is a team of dedicated engineers and visionaries with expertise in all type of metal expansion joints. Our team boasts of an extensive background in design, engineering and producing expansion joints for pipes, axial and lateral compensators, hoses and non-metallic expansion joints like fabric bellow and rubber expansion joints. Hence, specific application demands have and will never be a challenge for us at Pliant Bellows.

We provide bellow compensator asa Metal bellow expansion joints for a broad variety of applications, such as Expansion joint in heat exchangers which act as a thermal compensator, Valve bellows for bellow seal gate valve or bellow seal globe valve which is used for sealing application, etc. We also provide a broad range of Metallic Bellow Coupling for torque transmission applications with zero backlash and high torsional rigidity. Our customers have highly rated our bending beam bellow load cell used for weighing applications for its precision outputs.

Our commitment to quality of expansion joint, pipe expansion and metal bellows starts at the quotation stage. The products are produced using software designed by our skilled engineers using extensive field research and then tested in our in-house testing facilities before delivery. To reduce human based errors majority share of our work, right from costing to bellow design and calculations have been automated which are developed and maintained in-house by our engineers.

Being the top quality metal bellow expansion joints manufacturer in Pune, Maharashtra, it is our duty to keep a brand name that resonates with quality, state of the art technology and customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that all your flexible piping needs will be met with the finest products from Pliant Bellows, one of the top manufacturer of metal bellows in India.

SS bellow expansion joint setups are a creative alternate option for pipe and pipeline industries. These types of joints can easily be applied to the crude Oil & Gas, Paper & Pulps, Sugar plant, Chemical plant, Power sector and also Petrochemical sectors and also in several other fields. The most common application for a stainless steel single bellows axial expansion joint is to absorb axial movements of a straight pipe between primary anchors. This SS axial expansion joint should be placed near one anchor and guides should be utilized to ensure proper alignment and movement.

Metal expansion joints are beneficial portions of the pipeline system. We provide bellow expansion joint in a wide variety of materials ranging from Austenite series .i.e, SS 300 Series (SS304L, SS316L, SS321, etc.) to special alloys like Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, etc. In pipelines expansion bellows are utilized to compensate length changes, which generally happen in pipelines from temperature modifications. In addition to this, they are capable of reading and absorbing vibrations generated by pumps, motor, compressors or wind turbines. Dependent upon the situation, axial and/or lateral pass movement, as well as angular movement, can be compensated. Metal expansion joints offer a cost effective choice of a pipeline system.

The reason for the best quality metallic bellow expansion joints produced by Pliant Bellows is our in-house developed Human Machine Interface (HMI) integrated Punch forming aka Mechanical Expander and Hydroforming Machine. We have developed this machines to control almost all the variables precisely. That is why we are compatible to produce miniature hydroformed metal bellows used for valve applications. Also, we provide metallic/ non-metallic hydroformed pressure switch bellow for instrumentation applications. Metal bellows are most often included in pipeline systems that link up pumps and vessels. The design of the convolutions in the metal bellow permits for increased axial, extensive, and angular movement. Due to the inclusion of state of the art technology along with the experienced engineers we are competent to produce metal bellow expansion joint with high fatigue life and with great resilience.

With our current competency level, we are confident to serve industries of almost all level, we request you to send your valuable inquiry to us at and our engineers will process the inquiry and will provide the quotation and necessary guidance if needed in no time. Always happy to serve you better.

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