Gimbal Expansion Joints Manufacturers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Gimbal Expansion Joints and Our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The gimbal expansion joint is the most reliable expansion joint since it is capable of absorbing angular motion in all the planes. Although single gimbal expansion joint can be used in isolation the most common applications use a pair of gimbal expansion joints to absorb a complex multi-plane motion in a piping system. In adjacent figure Gimbal Expansion Joints are utilized in a pair to absorb the thermal expansion from the two horizontal piping arms. However note that the thermal growth of the vertical.

To avoid this deflection in the horizontal piping arms one or more hinged expansion joints can be installed in the horizontal arms of the piping system.

The speciality of the gimbal expansion joints is that they are fundamentally designed to perform the function of accepting angular movement in any plane. They are quite similar to hinged expansion joints except for the fact that unlike hinged expansion joints, gimbal expansion joints are not restricted to deflection in only one plane and allow bending and angulation in any plane. Gimbal expansion joints are generally preferred to be used in pairs so that they can hold, for instance, two sets of hooks pins, pivots, the shaft of each set perpendicular to the another.

Pliant Bellows is one such gimbal expansion joints supplier that manufactures its products following the guidelines postulated by the Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association (EJMA). The framework of all our commodities is accurate and precise designed to serve proper buoyancy.

  • Absorbs angular rotation
  • Eliminates pressure thrust forces
  • Transmits shear and wind loads
  • Supports dead weight
  • Prevents torsion on bellows
  • No main anchors required
  • Minimum guiding required
  • Low forces on piping system
  • Applications:

  • In helicopter engine
  • In aerospace components
  • Pliant Bellows has been established for over 40 years in the field of manufacturing metal bellow expansion joints in India and we have earned the trust of our clients over time. We make sure that our amenities are designed in a way that they function at their full capacity. The company is relied upon by many and is known among the universal expansion joints suppliers. We are spread out all over the country and earned the title of one of the best metal bellow manufacturers in India.

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