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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Expansion Joints, Expansion Bellows and Our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Basics of Expansion Joints design
Expansion Joints are designed based on following parameters.
1. Material
2. Movement - Axial/lateral/Angular/Vibration
3. Temperature - Operating and Design
4. Pressure - Operating and Design
5. Spring Rate - Axial/lateral/Angular
6. Media
7. End Fittings

Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association (EJMA)

1. Currently EJMA version 10

2. Parameters entered
    I. Material
    II. Movement - Axial/lateral/Angular/Vibration
    III. Temperature - Operating and Design
    IV. Pressure - Operating and Design
    V. Pitch and Depth.
    VI. Sheet thickness and No. of plys.
    VII. No. of convolutions

3. Cycle Life

Types of movements covered in Bellows Expansion Joints design.

• Centerline remains in its original position.
• Expansion joint length increases/decreases only in in the direction of centerline
Expansion Joints

• Centerline moves at a certain degree with respect to its original position
• Flange faces stay parallel to each other

Expansion Joints

Angular :
• Centerline creates an arc while the flanges create angle to each other.
• Expansion joint length increases/decreases as per the curvature of arc

Expansion Joints

Torsional :
• The flange/bellow movement rotates in opposite direction with respect to each other.
• Flange faces stay parallel to each other.
• Expansion joints are not designed for these movements.

Expansion Joints


Sample design sheet

Expansion Joints


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