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Inline Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints are designed to absorb externally imposed axial movement without imposing pressure loading on the system. This is accomplished by using two bellows both at line pressure tied together and acting in opposite directions. It is used where pressure loading on the piping or equipment is not acceptable. While the joint balances out the pressure forces , the force required to move the joint itself is not balanced.

Both the flow bellows and balancing bellows are compressed or elongated in operation and the combined axial spring force acts on the piping or equipment. Since the forces need to move the bellows of the inline pressure balanced expansion joints are of low magnitude these are usually not objectionable. These joints are usually installed at change of direction. They may also be designed for in line operation. The complexity of the inline pressure balanced expansion joint makes it an expensive unit. Its use can be justified economically only in those cases where the problems created by the pressure loading would be even more expensive.

The inline pressure balanced bellows is a unique design which absorbs thermal motion while eliminating the pressure thrust loads on a piping system without a change in the direction of the piping consists of a constant volume device which is created by the addition of a balancing bellows whose cross sectional area is exactly twice the cross sectional area of the line or flow bellows. By proper cross linking the change in the volume of the line or flow bellows due to change in the length (i.e. due to compression or extension) can be made to cause an equal but opposite change in the volume of the balancing bellows, Thus since the volume changes are of equal value the pressure thrust forces that are normally present in the piping system containing bellows expansion joints are eliminated. Inline pressure balanced expansion joint is used where the location of the expansion joint prohibits or makes it very costly to install main anchors.

  • For replacing pipe loops
  • For reduced pumping energy
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